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Zidane, looking for a Fourth and seventh

Same as Pep in Barcelona, is also doubtful for Madrid's B team promoted from the alias Madrid Castilla. In addition, like Pep at Camp Nou, Zidane also stepped forwardmanagerial level: label ex players of Los Merengues. Similaritas the more conical because Pep and Zizou alike have never won the Champions League while still activelyplaying.

In the four seasons mengarsiteki Barca, Pep managed to realize the dream of a handful of individuals on Planet Earth who later earned a Champions League after becoming coach. PEP joined with great names such as Miguel Munoz, Giovanni Trapattoni, Johan Cruyff, Carlo Ancelotti, Frank Rijkaard and, in groups of six special figure.Well, after making sure Madrid play in Champions League final season 2015-2016, Zidane could potentially become the seventh figure who could have Champions League titleholders grouping as a player and coach. If they just see who grabs this dwigelar with the same club, aiming for a fourth individual figure Zizou.

Zidane, looking for a Fourth and seventh

Trapattoni, Cruyff, Rijkaard and cannot enter this elite group since reaching the Champions League title as a player and a coach at the Club. If Trapattoni won the Champions League as a player of AC Milan in the Decade of the 1960s, he led the team tothe League title Chamipions 1984-1985 as coach of Juventus.

Rijkaard, on the other hand, reach success with AC Milan and Ajax while still combing the grass green in the early and mid-1990s medio, but these teams to the 2005-2006 champion is FC Barcelona. Same thing with Cruyff, who became General of AjaxAmsterdam in the early 1970s, and its success at Barca in the mid-1990s.

In contrast to Munoz, Fernando Torres, and Pep, which his distinctions as a player and a coach, won with the team the same. Munoz in Madrid, Inter Milan, Barcelona and Pep. El Real ambition is to pursue a Champions League title to-11 or La Undecima, while confirming the Madrid as the most widely raised The trophy Big Ear. Atletico Madrid Versus minimal experience in the Champions League. Pencapian Los Colchoneros just capable of twice being runner-up.

But referring to recent developments, Atletico is not worthy of a "stricken". Of the last 5 meetings, superior with Atletico grabbed two WINS and two draw. While Madrid recorded 1 victory.

Then whether Atletico was able to break the dominance of Madrid Auto Like Instagram in the Champions League? The following predictions from the Indonesia soccer lovers. Pieter Tanuri(owner of Bali United): I'd spawned Real Madrid because I idolized Cristiano Ronaldo. I'm sure they can win 2-1.

I hope Ronaldo able to Paris Saint-Germain because PSG's already cooperated withPT Multistrada Direction Means TBK. Although Ronaldo has already declared his retirement in Madrid but he could have been to PSG. Nothing is impossible in this world. Victor Igbonefo (Defender Navy FC): the final match will be fun. However, I am convinced and would like the madrid champion.

Zidane, looking for a Fourth and seventh

Real Madrid has a good attack. However, I hope the Madrid could play more balanced both in offense and defense. Because Atletico are a team who have the extraordinary tactics. They had a very good game organization. Disciplined in defense.

I am certain Atletico will rely on counterattacks. If Real Madrid, without a balanced attack defend engrossed, they could lose.

If Madrid can play a balanced and clear focus, Real will be champion. One extraordinary pride for Zinedine Zidane. In the first year, he can win the Champions League.More meaningful than the domestic title.

If it's a matter of Cristiano Ronaldo, I'm sure Ronaldo will play. He's a player who has a high commitment to football. So, he will do anything to fit yourself. Shahar Ginanjar (Kertanegara District Partner Goalie): it looks like this year, I'd favor Atletico. Yes because they will be more pede as they defeated Bayern Munich in the semifinals. Diego Simeone know better the strength of Madrid since they met in the 1st League.

Zidane, looking for a Fourth and seventh

Andik Vermansah (Attacker Selangor FA) Real Madrid win 2-1. A Gareth Bale scored a goal and Ronaldo or Jese Rodriguez. Rahmad Darmawan (T-Coach Team): If the individual quality, better than Atletico Madrid. However, if the way Atletico defenders,more solid and compact.

The Madrid attacks, the problem better and in price. Only when defending against teams and relying on counterattacks as Atletico Madrid's frequent difficulties.

The match could be won if Madrid Madrid successfully created a goal in the first half. Atletico will play reigning open to pursue failed.

However, it is difficult to make Madrid win if not scored until the middle of the second half. Madrid's players will be frustrated so complicate yourself face Atletico Defender solidnya.