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Chelsea Striker Missed The Leadership Of John Terry

John Terry is already 35 years old. His contract also designate done end of this season. On the threshold of the presence of a new coach, Antonio Conte, Terry still teamnext season?

Author: Graceful Pratama

Conte referred to still want to be using the services of the captain. But, instead of the players who call not necessarily endure at Stamford Bridge.

"It looks like it will not be the end in fairy tales. I will not retire in Chelsea, "he said at the end of January.

The speech comes after the Club never offered him a contract later. Chelsea did have a policy of only extend the contract for a year to players aged over 30 years.

Chelsea Striker Missed The Leadership Of John Terry

Terry has already twice received the annual renewal. It all happened on Jan. Typically, contract negotiations have already held several months before January.

Up to now, Terry has not yet offered a new contract. But Conte does not mind using the senior players. In Italy, Andrea Barzagli who he has already aged 34 years.

Chelsea coach Guus Hiddink, currently called The Blue would trouble finding replacement figure leader quickly when Terry went away. Not just in the main Squad, also in the structure of the Club.

Terry includes an avid players attend the Academy team game The Blues. The presence of a senior figure seems clearly can be used as an inspiration for the young players.

Terry must have felt had the moral responsibility because it is the Club's Academy, its founders came.

Arguably, he became the last Academy player who was able to become a mainstay in the team.

"My personal Opinion, when having players like Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Michael Ballack, or they can provide a positive influence in the Club, especially create youth development," said Hiddink in ESPNFC.

"In the Netherlands, that's what we do at the Academy of Ajax and PSV also. They could provide experience to other players in the squad and also in the academic team, "said Hiddink again.

Louis van Gaal reacted never escape the shadow of a dismissal all season 2015-2016. However, how the compensation that must be paid to Manchester United when the disconnect that Netherlands origin man cons?

Chelsea Striker Missed The Leadership Of John Terry

Reported The Times, Manchester United should give 5 million pounds sterling (about 97 billion dollars) for the cost of firing Van Gaal reacted in the summer of 2016. Referring to the contract both parties, that value is 66 percent of gross salary Van Gaal reacted.

Of the three-year contract, with free Van service is indeed staying remaining a season again.

Within a year, Van Gaal reacted can scoop up 8 million pounds, including the rights of images and bonus relies the achievements of the team. Only 3.3 million pounds of which is the net salary.

United Kingdom media predict, management will cast a letter dismissal if the Club fails to perform in the Champions League next season.

The scenario is very likely to be realized. Now Manchester United stuck in fifth ranking with a collection of 60 points from 35 matches. There is a difference between the four figures with Manchester City the Magpies once more.

If the order of the standings until the end of the season, Manchester United could "downsize". They don't have to pay about £ 1 million as a bonus for Van Gaal reacted.

FA Cup became another way for Van Gaal reacted add pundi-pundinya. He received an additional £ 400,000 if Manchester United win over Crystal Palace in the final at Wembley Stadium, May 21, 2016.

Chelsea Striker Missed The Leadership Of John Terry

As for the title of champion of the Champions League or the Premier League, Van Gaal reacted can earn a bonus of £ 1.5 million.

Derbi Manchester on the upcoming edition of potentially filled by two debutantes coach. There's Jose Mourinho in red fortresses and Pep Guardiola in blue.

Author: Rizki Senses Sofa

If the move is still limited to nonverbal contact Mou, the status of Champions will surely fill the post of architect of The squad for the 2016/17 season Citizens.

As well as the place of death: coach Louis van Gaal reacted in United and Manuel Pellegrini from Etihad stronghold.

Van Gaal reacted still be hope remains for directing United in next season, but Pellegrini Middle nice built a reputation in order to better attract many enthusiasts.

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Clearly, Pellegrini admitted he was interested in coaching in Serie A Italy though Premier League United Kingdom remains the favorite destinations serve as the formercoach of Real Madrid, Villarreal, and Malaga.

Origin of man recognizes Chile has received a number of bids, but he refused to make further comment on because it still wants to focus mengarsiteki The Citizens.

"Throughout life, I've never run from a challenge. When train Malaga, I dare to resistthe bigger clubs that offer more money. I chose Malaga because it wanted to bringthe team to the Champions League stage, "said Pellegrini in interview sessions with the media Spain, El Mundo Deportivo.