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hris Smalling Praised Van Gaal reacted in the presence of Man United

During the handling of the team, Van Gaal reacted has also given great confidence to the United Kingdom national team defender of it. In fact, Smalling requested thirdteam as captain after Wayne Rooney and Daley Blind.

"All of this is about paying the trust that has been given to me," said Smalling to Sky Sports.

"He has taken over much of the responsibility for pressure aimed at the players. He is very good at deflecting it, because he knew we had to show the best performancein the match, "he said.

In this season, Smalling has been believed to be performed by Van Gaal reacted in 51 matches. That amount is far more than last season with a total of 36 matches in allthe event.

Spain, United Kingdom. Juergen Klopp indeed top. Real Madrid heading the title ofthe 11th. Sevilla King of the Europa League.

hris Smalling Praised Van Gaal reacted in the presence of Man United

Many themes bermuncul an end-stage Blue Continent football earns sem bah kan the finalists from two elite European Club Championship.

Of the Champions League, Atletico Madrid meets Real Madrid again. This action repeats the final 2013/14 which took place in the city of Lisbon.

In the lower level, the Europa League serves Liverpool FC to try meng took the titlebelongs to the Sevilla FC who reigned two years consecutively.

Liverpool became the representative of United Kingdom to expunge an unlimited dominance of Spain clubs in Europe.

Earlier, Liverpool managed to partially failed kan kemung kinan final fellow Club Spain in the final two races of the UEFA.

With Villarreal, Juergen Klopp called the Save right value of the Championship. Really?

I imagine the possibilities if Europa League final contested by Villarreal and Sevilla after Champions League final memanggungkan game vs Atletico Madrid derbi.

Of course there is nothing wrong when all Spanish final in two of the Championship.They reached the Summit with the fight, not the grant.

The other obvious conclusion in the form of a compliment for kesuk sesan Spain clubs in men keep consistency of appearance.

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Towards the end of kom petition domestic, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid are second and third in the order, as well as still struggling to become a champion.

hris Smalling Praised Van Gaal reacted in the presence of Man United

Sevilla. Although a trembling voice, still strong in the mid-table La Liga (7).

For Sevilla, the final this time is for the fifth in the UEFA Cup 2009/10 which has since changed its name to the Europa League.

Earlier, four times the Club reached the final and all ended up with the title of champion (2006, 2007, 20142015).

With the ambition of reaching the 11th Championship title, Real Madrid kian mem per resolute supre masi Spain clubs are now collected a total of 15 titles in the UEFA Champions League.

Italy and the United Kingdom are in second place as most titles Collectors Club LCwith number 12.

In the Europa League, the dominance of Spain clubs must share with Italy. The two countries both have nine titles, followed by the United Kingdom with seven successes.

Another note, since the UEFA Cup was renamed the UEFA Europa League in 2009/10, four of the six final stage belong to the Club of Spain.

hris Smalling Praised Van Gaal reacted in the presence of Man United

Spain's Club real dominance was seen in the last two years the European club competitions.

When Real Madrid beat Atletico to be champion of the Champions League 2013/14,in the same season Sevilla bend Benfica (Portugal) in the final of the Europa League.

Last season, Barcelona won the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League by beating Juventus and Sevilla requires dukkan Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) in the final of the Europa League.

This year, as the only clubs in the United Kingdom between three original finalists Spain, no wonder if Juergen Klopp get the spotlight.

True, Klopp and Zane is the coach who came in the middle of the kom petition and managed to bring his team reaching the final mem kejuarana European club.

Only, the situation facing Klopp could be called more sophisticated automated analysers. He came when the team was swayed by various issues that interfere with the levels of confidence in the coach.

In Liverpool, Klopp had no set of world class players with big names that can mengoyahkan the confidence of Madrid's opponents.

"Klopp came and bring a change in the mindset of the players. The situation in the team also turned into a positive. " So the recognition of Croatia origin, Liverpool Defender Dejan Lovren.

Juergen Norbert Klopp (48 years) came to Liverpool in October 2015. In a short time, it controls The Red to achieve United Kingdom League Cup final against Manchester City.

After failing in the final on penalties against man. City at Wembley Stadium on 28 February 2016, Klopp will lead Philippe Coutinho et al. in the city of Basel, Switzerland, on May 18, 2016.

For the 35 times Liverpool will meet Spain's clubs. The results before his 14th victoryand is 10 times series and lost.

Juergen Klopp can break the Spain football supremacy in the European stage? @weshley