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Duel Of Champions League Finalists Antarlini: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Antoine Griezmann

Side Real Madrid's attack has certainly will be led by Cristiano Ronaldo, the predators goal scorer list of the top competition leader with 16 goals from 11 appearances.

That is to say, CR7 average scoring almost two touchdowns per party in the LC this season! The collection goals Ronaldo doubled more than a record of Antoine Griezmann in Atletico.

Griezmann new make 7 goals. Still, he deserves a stability thanks to the appreciation of the performance in the various races of this season. A question of speed, both attackers Flash that can be pitted. Despite losing a sharp and aggressive losing, Griezmann cannot rapidly minder in the presence of the Megastar, Ronaldo.

Griezmann had something to offer in the form of excellence reserved the accuracy and efficiency of utilization of opportunities.

Statistics prove that France striker requires an average of 4.5 shots to create any golnya. Compare with Ronaldo, who must take off 5.5 per shot.

Duel Of Champions League Finalists Antarlini: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Antoine Griezmann

This efficiency factor will be very decisive in the match would take place in Milan's tight later. Gabi full play in the final match at the Estadio Da Luz, Lisbon, Portugal two years ago. He was one of the players of Atletico Madrid who thinks skuatnya will win. Then Madrid failed to overcome and turn beat Atletico.

It was a stifling defeat buried Gabi deeply. The 32-year-old player choose staring defeat Real Madrid the chance to lead his colleagues in the final game at the San SiroFollowing interview excerpts. Gabi at a press conference ahead of the final match of the UEFA Champions League.

About the 2014 final memories

The past is not fitting for looking back. We've never beat Real Madrid in recent times, except the match that night. When the Champions League final defeat in 2014 already passed. The more important thing is the future.

Our players are pretty talented and got up to beat Real Madrid. I was proud with the players who play in Lisbon two years ago. We fought until the end.

The defeat was very stifling, but now we have hope. We happily got a second chance. Atletico could be in a position right now because of the efforts of the players. When we play in the final two years ago, we have reached our targets set.

Since that time Atletico Madrid continue to work hard and hope that effort pays off.

Duel Of Champions League Finalists Antarlini: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Antoine Griezmann

About winning the Champions League trophy

I have a goal of lifting the Champions League trophy since I was little. The Champions League is the biggest match ever traveled a soccer player.

You have to dare to dream of putting up high and I ever so. Final action later on will be an important day for all of us.

About Real Madrid

Classmates at Champions League final, Real Madrid always appear in full force. They are experienced and have great players as well as adequate resources.

The match Saturday night will be our most difficult game Jasa Like Instagram so against Real Madrid in the last three years. There is nothing more wonderful than to win the Champions League against one of the best teams like them. Very vital role also includes the mechanism of the game chefs in the kitchen of the midfield both team. These tasks run by the quarterback connecting line of the back and front.

Real Madrid had the ball supplier classmate Toni Kroos, while Atletico handed it to Jorge Resurreccion Merodio aka Koke. Are both included in the team of topnotch distributors respectively. Kroos specials because thanks to 969 operannya, he was recorded as the owner of the second-most passing in Champions League 2015-2016.

The fit is impressive with any level of accuracy of 95 percent. The amount of time just lost midfielder Kroos PSG, Thiago Motta (988).

Duel Of Champions League Finalists Antarlini: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Antoine Griezmann

The ability of Kroos and Koke barely balanced in the three key aspects of the process or the creation of opportunities.

Interesting things are equal in their contribution to the defensive side. Unleashing the Kroos and Koke total tekel.
The last bastion

Specter to Madrid not charge Griezmann, but also Jan Oblak. Setali three money, Oblak has not joined in the final two years ago.

Since a career in Vicente Calderon, he has been a six-party melakoni derbi, three of which ended a clean sheet for Atletico.

Great opportunity to maintain virginity Oblak his team in the final in Milan. He recorded as a goalkeeper with number of rescue in the UEFA Champions League.

Of a total of 37 rescue, 23 of which were done Oblak on last four matches. It should be noted, Came up against two giants, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, in the last two phases.