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The name Tottenham Hotspur will be referred in Euro 2016

There are no more miracles left for Tottenham Hotspur to Leicester City could be eroded from the effort of reaching the Premier League trophy. Best place Spurs in the summer of 2015-16 remained in the runner-up position. However, many countries will be grateful to Spurs.

Author: Rinaldi?

Even though the Spurs failed to achieve the dream of becoming champions, the London team's accomplishment is worth a thumbs up. The word deserves salute pinnedto the Spurs because of his impressive performances, spellbinding, and consistentlybuild a great young players throughout the season.

Figure behind all this is the Manager Mauricio Pochettino, who joined from Southampton in 2014.

Since the original architect handled this Argentina game, Spurs increasingly improved. They qualified for the Europa League and playing football.

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The name Tottenham Hotspur will be referred in Euro 2016

In fact, football and the nation United Kingdom thank him for giving opportunities to young local players to play in the first team and the result was satisfactory.

This is the added value of Pochettino that may not be owned by any other coach in the Premier League.

Pochettino turned out to not only focus on the achievements of the Club, about victory or trophy champion. He also helped create the future of the national team of a country, especially the United Kingdom.

Pochettino proved to be able to see the talent of players such as Harry Kane, who previously was loaned out to other clubs. Kane has become its own phenomenon, either create the Spurs as well as the United Kingdom national team.

After Kane, United Kingdom now has a new flagship midfield passing presence Delle Alli and Ryan Mason.

Alli which in 2013 is still playing in Division 2 along with M.K. Dons, now a mainstayin the midfield with arsenal and Spurs, United Kingdom.

In fact, the legend striker Alan Shearer had asked the United Kingdom to United Kingdom national team coach Roy Hodgson in order to play Kane and Alli simultaneously in the sector ahead of the European Cup in 2016.

"They have a sense of mutual understanding. The two were seen on fire and mutualunderstanding in the above field because they too friendly off the field, "said Shearer.

The name Tottenham Hotspur will be referred in Euro 2016

Mason, just like Kane, was the construction of the Academy of Spurs who loan.

Since the 2014/2015 season, Mason became a mainstay in the Spurs midfield and live United Kingdom national team debut against Lithuania.

There is still Eric Dier that is the players purchase Pochettino from Sporting Lisbon. In a match against Germany, the United Kingdom friendship last March, Dyer scored a decisive victory 3-2 United Kingdom.

Hodgson confessed love to see Pochettino gave opportunity to the United Kingdom players.

"Not only when he is at Tottenham. Pochettino had already started it since it still deal with Southampton, "said Hodgson.

In Southampton, a successful Polish Pochettino Rickie Lambert. The striker was thendefending the West Bromwich Albion and finally managed to lead a United Kingdom national team debut at the age of 31 years.

Fruit finish Pochettino also coloring his career Adam Lallana mainstay United Kingdom World Cup 2014 prior to her move to Liverpool with a transfer value of 25 million pounds.

Then, there's Luke Shaw, the youngest player of the World Cup 2014 to the age of 18 years and 334 days and became Southampton's record sales with a 30 million pounds when Manchester United bought.

There's still a Calum Chambers, who lead United Kingdom national team debut against Norway and went to Arsenal.

The name Tottenham Hotspur will be referred in Euro 2016

The Defender also Nathaniel Clyne was invited to Liverpool now became a mainstayon the right of defence of United Kingdom.

As it turns out, the value added in the presence of Pochettino in United Kingdom Football is not only limited to United Kingdom origin players on development, but also in other countries there are players on the Spurs.

Hugo Lloris is France national team goalkeeper, then Belgium defender Toby Alderweireld, duo and Jan Vertonghen.

In midfield there's midfielder Christian Eriksen, Denmark as well as two midfieldersMoussa Dembele, namely Belgium and Nader Chadli.

When the 2016 European Championship in France, many countries will thank Pochettino and Spurs.

This is the added value for the Spurs despite a dream to become this season's Premier League champions could not be realized.