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Speaking of his relationship with Sturridge Klopp

Meanwhile, the opponents, Sunderland thus has a habit of scoring and conceded inthe final minute. Of the six goals into The Black Cats, the nickname of Sunderland, three of which occur in minute 76 to 90.

The other three goals occurred at a different time range. One goal occurred in the first 15 minutes, one at the 31st minute to 45, and another one in the 46 to 60.

However, they also conceded on the vulnerable. Of the five goals scored against Sunderland opponents, four of which happened when the game entered the final minute.

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Mousa Demble, suspended 6 games by the Football Association (FA) of the United Kingdom after the Belgium midfielder found guilty inan incident with Chelsea striker, Diego Costa.

The incident occurred when Tottenham Hotspur 2-draw at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's home ground, Monday (2/5/2016) or the early hours of Tuesday.

Speaking of his relationship with Sturridge Klopp

The incident began when Tottenham Defender, Danny Rose, a midfielder with Chelsea only pacified, Willian. Moments that shaped the trigger the other players on the mouth and rikishi.

Referee Mark Clattenburg tried to calm the situation. In fact, coach Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham, to have to go into the field to break up the players.

Clattenburg was able to escape the Incident Dembele-Costa. However, not for the eye of the camera. FA melalukukan investigation and they then dropped the skors 6matches for Dembele.

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge claimed no personal problems between himself and Manager Juergen Klopp. He was to endure berikrar at Anfield next season.

Gait Sturridge briefly interrupted due to injuries of the muscles of the thigh. He recently declared recovered since February 2016.

Sturridge not won the main choice. Of the eleven last match in the Premier League,he had thrown three times of the order of the starter. However, the players respect the decision of the Klopp.

"They saw I wasn't in the squad, then catch the feeling unhappy. In fact, I never express that attitude, "said Sturridge.

"In the end, managers should pick the best team do its work. If there is friction between us? Never, "he said.

Speaking of his relationship with Sturridge Klopp

Although he had a long hiatus, Sturridge able to attest to its quality. He contributed12 goals on all the event which made the Club The Reds called it.

Lastly, one goal, Liverpool's victory over coloring Sturridge Villarreal in the second semi-final of the Europa League at Anfield Stadium, Thursday (5/5/2016).

Sturridge ever eager to win the first trophy at the event. Along with Chelsea, he had a chance to grab the trophy of the Champions League, but only the player's status as the upholstery.

"This opportunity is the closest since I left Chelsea. As players, we get the impression that something special has happened. We should be meyakininya, "said Sturridge.

Along with recovering from injury, Sturridge is also projected to enter United Kingdom national team squad for the European Cup. She competes with a number of names that are currently rising like Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy.

Manchester City's Manager, Manuel Pellegrini, stated that his team is obligated to terminate the Premier League 2015-2016 in the position of the big four. If not, the club called The Citizens it is considered a bad season.

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Speaking of his relationship with Sturridge Klopp

It is said to be ahead of the duel between Pellegrini Manchester City and Arsenal in the Premier League continued at Etihad Stadium, Sunday (8/5/2016). The defeat could potentially make Man City was thrown out of the Champions League zone.

The troops occupied the fourth position Middle Pellegrini with a collection of 64 points from 36 matches. Below them, there is Manchester United who scooped 60 figures of 35 matches.

"For one of the best teams in the Stations, the position outside of the big four and did not appear in the Champions League was a disaster. This season has not been good, but it will be plagues of the if you are not involved in the Champions League, "said Pellegrini.

"I keep thinking positive. Hopefully, we can break the big four, "said the man of origin Chile.

The Citizens had become championship contenders in the middle of the season. However, they experienced a declining graph since February 2016, when the management of the release of the announcement of the reserved arrival of Josep Guardiola.

Of the 13 the last match in the League, they have six wins and five defeats. Not be denied by Pellegrini, a sequence of results of hardness, caused by minor news coverage surrounding the Champions.

"For most media, our season ends on Feb. 1, when there is a discussion about who'sgoing and survive. It's not easy for players who read it, "said Pellegrini.