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Viewed Rashford, Ronaldo Seems To Reflect

Pellegrini managed to bring Malaga to LC. Not only that, he is just a few minutes from Malaga to deliver opportunities semifinals, before finally losing to Borussia Dortmund.

Pellegrini is the warranty of the experience for any club that meminatinya services.

Serie A clubs may be preparing to submit a bid, but in the eyes of pelarih aged 62, EPL still acts the best.

"The Premier League is still the competition is not to be missed by any trainer. The perfect Club organizations, presents a spectacle made fan and television. Community support is also impressive, the stadium was almost always full in all the event, "he said again.

If true Pellegrini finally left the City for a docked to other clubs in the United Kingdom, he will not be quiet enthusiasts.

Viewed Rashford, Ronaldo Seems To Reflect

The focus of the Pellegrini currently only leave a legacy best create Champions.

"I never thought for one minute any problem next season. Now, one of my target carries this team remains at the big four. Let's try to manifest it first, after that enjoy Euro 2016, new thinking and a matter of the future, "said Pellegrini again.

The brilliance of quarterback Leicester City, Riyad Mahrez, this season has sparked interest from many big clubs. Whether he will survive next season?

Manager Claudio Ranieri and Vice President of the Leicester, Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, confident players aged 25 years it remained with The Foxes.

Mahrez currently rumored to be a target Paris Saint-Germain, Chelseaand Arsenal.

An Algerian players were also briefly commented reserved one of the clubs who wanted, he brought her.

However, Ranieri admitted is convinced that to face Leicester next season, the squad will not lose Mahrez.

"I am sure 99 percent of Mahrez will persist. I am very confident of this, "said Ranieritold Sky Sports.

"I have suggested to all players in order to survive another year. Saay say don't go, because if it goes to another team, maybe they will get kesepatan play is sufficient,"he said.

It is also expressed by Srivaddhanaprabha. Vice President of Leicester that Thailandrecalled that the origin of Mahrez will remain based on the good relationship with the players.

"They are all good players and friends. I often talk with Mahrez and he asked about the transfer, "said Srivaddhanapraba.

Viewed Rashford, Ronaldo Seems To Reflect

The word Srivaddhanapraba, Mahrez claimed to want to persist along the Club's Premier League champion, 2015-2016 it.

"That's what she wants. Mahrez wants to survive, "said the Vice President.

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Brazil football legend, Ronaldo, saw similarities between himself with the young Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford.

Rashford Middle stole the attention of fans of Manchester United. A total of four goals scored this 18 year old players in nine Premier League matches.

Rashford's ability to complete the attack plundering recognized by Ronaldo, who ranks second in the list of top scorer throughout the history of the World Cup.

"He is a very good young player. I see myself in the game he has a speed of Rashford., courageand ability to manipulate the ball, "said Ronaldo.

"Striker did have to have hunger towards goals. He already had it and its future is bright, "said the former striker of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Media-media United Kingdom niece suggested that Roy Hodgson Rashford include the names in the squad for euro 2016. No matter, the untried players at an international level.

Apart from or no Rashford, Ronaldo still favor United Kingdom d tournament later.

Viewed Rashford, Ronaldo Seems To Reflect

"With ten victories, they undergo the best qualification. I would like to see the United Kingdom as a champion. There, people love football and the national team together which they deserve, "said Ronaldo.

United Kingdom start warming up for the European Cup with against Turkey, May 22, 2016, and Australia, 27 May 2016. For these two games, Hodgson already use shadow squad.

European media mentions the success of Leicester City win the Premier League a tub of a fairy tale. However, Claudio Ranieri claimed that it was not the first time her create surprises.

Ranieri pointed to his experience coaching Cagliari from 1988 to 1991. Before that,he's just coach the team's status as an amateur, Vigor Lamezia, and clubs that recently went bankrupt, Campania Puteolana.

Along with Ranieri, Cagliari were able to win the Serie C1 1988-1989. The Club wasnicknamed Rossoblu I grabbed a ticket promotion to Serie A after ranked third Serie B season.

"That's my first fairy tales. Other times it is a fairy tale, "said Ranieri.

"However, the Premier League title is something special and it feels more special again for the club like Leicester," said he.