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Arsenal Captain Cesc to Join Manchester City

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, give sympathy to a colleague, Manuel Pellegrini, who soon signed from Manchester City.

It is the eve of the second meeting Wenger made the team in the Premier League continued at Etihad Stadium, Sunday (8/5/2016). Pellegrini will undergo one of two final party with The Citizens, the nickname of Manchester City.

After 2015-2016 season ended, managers will seat occupied by Josep Guardiola. The announcement of the coming Champions League Man City have been released since February this year.

According to Wenger, such notice has been the reduction of the influence of Pellegrini in the locker room.

"I give my sympathy to Pellegrini. A hard thing because you have less power when the player knows the departure of You, "said Wenger.

"However, Pellegrini already realize this plan before, namely Txiki Begiristain recruiting them since," said French men it.

Arsenal Captain Cesc to Join Manchester City

Since the plan the advent of Barcelona is known to the public, Man City is indeed experiencing declining graph. They just won six of 13 Premier League matches.

The chances of any champion rushes. Man City just compete to secure tickets for the Champions League and ranked fourth with 64 points.

Similar to Man City, Arsenal also took aim at the big three zones which is an automatic ticket to the top tier of European competition. Now, the club called The Gunnerswere superior to three figures over The Citizens.

Mikel Arteta ensured not to strengthen the Arsenal again began the season 2016-2017. The captain would follow coach Pep Guardiola to Manchester City.

Contract at Arsenal Arteta will expire in June 2016. Compared to melanjutan his career at the Emirates Stadium, Spain midfielder that prefers to join Real Madrid to theCity.

Arteta's capacity in Man City later is not as players, but the coaching staff members.

Not without reason Guardiola Arteta to help him. In addition to the equally from the land of Matador, they both also graduated Academy of football of FC Barcelona.

The news was about a linkup of Arteta to City confirmed by Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger.

"Contract he ended up here. Now is the right time for me to say thanks for his contribution as a player at once a leader, "said Wenger.

Arsenal Captain Cesc to Join Manchester City

"I heard about the possibility he docked to the City. He can tell you better than me,"said the France men.

It's been 5 years Arteta spent time with Arsenal since 2011. The player's long devotion generates two FA Cup title.

The fate of the less well experienced Chelsea midfielder, Cesc Fabregas. He becamea target of Tottenham Hotspur fans attack on Twitter.

The base issue is a statement of Fabregas when it became a pandit in acata Monday Night Football on Sky Sports. He blatantly says does not want to see the Spurs champions.

Spurs had indeed failed to Crown the League after reaping the results of series 2-2 at Chelsea headquarters, Monday (2/5/2016). With two games remaining, MauricioPochettino's team mathematically can not chase points standings as leaders Leicester City.

Spurs remain in second place in the standings with 70 points tally. They left behind the 7 numbers from Leicester.

The speech was apparently alluding to the hearts of United's fans Spurs. As a result,former Arsenal midfielder was ' attacked ' in social media.

Arsenal Captain Cesc to Join Manchester City

Starting with tweet Fabregas which says ' Hi ', the netizen who is a fan of Spurs me-the player with the Twitter retweet rant.

The Manchester United Defender, Chris Smalling, praising the leadership of Manager Louis van Gaal reacted against the squad. Smalling mentions men Netherlands aged 64 years as air heart Red Devils players.

Man United's squad reaped much criticism for his failed consistently in all the event.

In fact, the funds have been spent over the past two seasons, not the least of which is around 250 million pounds or 4.8 trillion rupiah.

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The flood of criticism it was feared could have an impact on the appearance of the players United in the field. However, Smalling assess it most successfully avoided by Van Gaal reacted.

Smalling mentions Van Gaal reacted always took over responsibility for the stress that comes from outside the Club. It is able to dampen the pressure that will be felt bythe players.

It makes Smalling claimed to want to thank Van Gaal reacted with a consistent appearance.

It also makes Smalling was able to snatch the title as the best player Manchester United Man version of his colleagues.