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The history of the Finals in favor of Deuteronomy to Madrid

In 2008-2009, Barca's success raised The Big Ear Cup by beating Manchester United2-0. Barca then the Red Devils again met in the final of the 2010-2011, held at Wembley Stadium.

Then, Barca were able to climb the podium after successfully defeating MU with a score of 3-1 thanks to a goal Lionel Messi, Pedro, and David Villa.

Then how the odds of Madrid when the final melakoni of Deuteronomy? The team called Los Blancos were decent considering the experience of winning the final seeded Deuteronomy.

Moreover, El Real already 13 times tasting the final 10 matches of which led to victory.

The history of the Finals in favor of Deuteronomy to Madrid

However, Madrid also had to be an auspicious fact Atletico were intercepted. The fact that mention any team that beat the hosts squad Josep Guardiola in the semifinals can always end the competition with the title.

As is known, Atletico advance to finals after getting rid of Bayern Munich. Well, the team never tasting Championship after getting rid of the forces is Inter Milan Real Madrid (2010), Chelsea (2012), Real Madrid (2014). and Barcelona (2015).

Mampukah Madrid extended the sweet notes in final exams or Atletico who feel tuah champion of the Pep?

Cerro del Espino, complex exercise Atletico Madrid in the District of Majadahonda, so busy all weekend. Diego Simeone and fitness coach, Oscar "El Profe" Ortega, preparing the team ahead of Champions League final 2015-2016.

One of his main agenda is to play on Court one rehearsal party. The costume is red,the potential starter Atleti play: Oblak; Juanfran, Godin, Gimenez, Filipe Luiz; Saul, Augusto, Gabi, Koke; Torres, and Griezmann, in scheme 4-4-2.

On the other hand, their opponents with a white costume was nine the rest of the first team players plus two boys from the Academy. Predictably, the white team using the 4-3 scheme-3 typical Real Madrid. A trio of CVC (Correa, Vietto, Carrasco) whichacts as the BBC (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano).

The end result? The series 0-0! Goalkeeper Oblak could not concede. Front-line red team also failed to make a touchdown, despite the dubious penalty getting Griezmann from the referee, Simeone.

The history of the Finals in favor of Deuteronomy to Madrid

Yes, even in training sessions, however, the goal of sterile Oblak. Until the end of this season, a total of 34 matches Atleti has indeed ended with a clean sheet, an awesome defensive record that makes the opposing team frustration.

"The goal was very important in Milano sterile, because it only took Like Instagram one goal, to win. We are very happy with the record-setting defense, but a match later is another duel, "said Oblak.

One goal, to win. Atletico already through 56 of the party in all races of this season.They win in 37 matches, 16 of them by one goal, 12 with the score 1-0!

Most took place in La Liga. On the stage of the Champions League, Atletico recentlyonce did, but in the most crucial game: won 1-0 in the semifinal match of the leg 1cons Bayern Munich at the Calderon. They lost 1-2 at the next meeting, but reserves the right to qualify via the away goals rule.

The principle of

No easy win by one goal. In addition to the obligation to make a touchdown, one other condition that must be owned by the apparent strength of the defense. Atleticoera Simeone so condensed and closely linked to the quality of this one.

The history of the Finals in favor of Deuteronomy to Madrid

Perhaps no other team back line as good as Atletico could make a devastating offensive lineup belongs to Barcelona and Real Madrid look bak striker medioker. Of course the best ratings not only belong to the goalkeeper and four names in front of him. Atletico era Simeone confirms the importance of playing collectively as a team.The overall elements of players in the field should be able to survive with the roles of each portion.

As time goes by, one principle is unchanged. A list of the squads, starter, player, could have changed, but the principle is often labeled Cholismo by the media-media Spain and Italy remain firmly practiced.

Simeone are still there. Thibaut Courtois, Joao Miranda, Raul Garcia, Diego Costa, and David Villa was the starter in the game Champions League final two years ago who now had left the team. Filipe Luiz too, but he chose to return to Madrid.

His successor is incredible, even arguably enhances the quality of the team. There are Antoine Griezmann Oblak, Saul Niguez, until Jose Gimenez.

All of them are enticed into voluntarily to trust Cholismo ala Simeone. They will notdoubt create absorbing months of strong opponents and back with a quick attack.