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The Possibility Of Being A ' Judas ' Pogba

AC Milan maneuvering that is quite surprising because soon get players Pescara, Gianluca Lapadula. The club called the Rossoneri this beat Napoli and Juventus, whichhad initially been very get signature 26 year old players.

Lapadula is undergoing medical tests in Milan, as a requirement to complete the transfer. The test was conducted at the medical center of La Madonnina, before he is declared fit to join one of the Serie A football giant.

If there are no disturbing things, then the Lapadula can directly sign contracts together with Milan on Friday (24/6/2016). According to the report, Milan "only" menggelontorkan of funding of 9 million euros (about Idr 133.941 billion) plus a bonus of 1 million euros.

"This displacement quicker, that's where we want to be," Lapadula said, as reportedIn Gianluca Marzio. "I'm very happy for all of this and very thankful to Ronaldo and the President."

The Possibility Of Being A ' Judas ' Pogba

The former Parma player is also grateful to the coach and Pescara, who are willing to melepaskanya to join Milan.

Indeed, in the past few weeks Lapadula became rebutan Juventus and Napoli. Not just the elite Serie A clubs that mengincarnya, because Lazio, Sassuolo and Genoa ever expressed an interest. But Milan, who had never been in the vortex of such transfers, thus getting Lapadula.

Lapadula moved to Pescara in July 2015 with free transfer status after Parma was declared bankrupt. He signed a contract duration of four years with the Serie B Club.

All season 2015-2016, Lapadula saw a very promising performance with nicks 30 goals in 43 appearances together with Pescara. Better yet, all the goals that he had created there through a penalty point.

MINO Raiola as agent Paul Pogba stated that his client could have been moved from Juventus to AC Milan or Inter Milan.

Raiola said the case not because Milan do approach or even a release bids to Paul Pogba. The agent saw the possibility based on the status of the shares of the two clubs.

Today, the majority of shares Inter already mastered Suning Group. So did with Milan who looked into the sale of shares by investors of Chinese origin.

According to Raiola, transition stocks would boost the financial strength of Inter and Milan in the transfer market.

"If I would listen to an offer from Milan and Inter for Pogba? Why not? My interest is to represent a player as good as possible, "said Raiola.

The Possibility Of Being A ' Judas ' Pogba

"Of course Money can talk. Only, as long as there is no business planning, no change, "said he.

More than that, Raiola was not against Real Madrid interest belies his clients. Raiolajudge transfer will not be easily accomplished because of obstacles from the Juventus management.

"He was at Juventus today. Whatever the subject of the transfer should be through the Juventus, "said Raiola.

Club enthusiasts have to sacrifice big to recruit beli like instagram Pogba. According to Transfermarkt, French player market prices reached 70 million euros ($ 1.04 trillion).

As Roma has now officially have Stephan El Shaawary in full. Earlier, the 23-year-oldplayer it only be on loan from AC Milan.

Aldo has signed a contract duration of four years with Roma. Bloody Italy Egypt players that managed to get a touch of his best since joining Roma in January 2016 after dimming along Milan and AS Monaco.

According to early news, Rome has Aldo mempermanenkan option at the end of 2015-2016 at a price of 10 million euros ($ 194 billion). However, it is rumored to have been redeemed from Milan with a price of 13 million euros ($ 194 billion).

Since joining the Rome, Aldo again appear sharp. He scored eight goals in 16 matches in the Italian Serie a.

Aldo's appearance is also attracting some of the Premier League, clubs such as Everton, Arsenal, and Liverpool. However, he opted to continue his career along.

"Today is very important because now I can give you all the effects as a player. I would like to thank President James Pallotta, Sporting Director Walter Sabatini, coach Luciano Spalletti, teammates, and everything on the AS Roma over confidence since day one, "said Aldo quoted from Football Italy.

"Above all, I thank the Giallorossi fans have welcomed me with warmth and affection. We will accomplish many great things together. Daje Roma! "he said.