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Samir Handanovic Was Afraid Of Losing The Champions League

Inter Milan is obviously an ardent enemy of AC Milan. However, in the ultimate weekend Serie A 2015-2016, Milan very need help from their biggest rivals.

Author: Sem Bagaskara

The Italian Club beralias Il Rosso (the Red Devils) still sought to shift the position ofSassuolo ranked six standings that potentially carries a ticket into the UEFA Europa League participation in 2016-2017.

Cristian Brocchi's squad was just a magical points from Sassuolo. AC Milan win kalaentertain Roma at the San Siro at the weekend to-38 Serie A (14/5/2016).

Results of Rome not enough take Il Italian ranked six.

Samir Handanovic Was Afraid Of Losing The Champions League

Carlos Bacca dkk must hope Sassuolo failed quoting Jose when facing Inter in Mapei Stadium at the same time.

"We have to give 120 per cent in the last League match against Roma," said Bacca.

Hard work mandatory personnel indicated Milan if they do not want to fail again qualified for the European Cup competition as occurs in two seasons later.

However, it is also necessary that the Italian Il begged Inter keep playing seriously when met Sassuolo. Inter already has no agenda, nothing else in the Italian Serie a.

I Nerazzurri's unlikely pursuit of 77 points belong to jasa like instagram Roma who sit in third position of the standings, last limit breakouts to the Champions League.

Four positions are now occupied by Inter also ensured secure protected from Fiorentina. Such conditions can harnessed Inter to experiment with much lower second-tier or young players in a match against Sassuolo.

If so, the ambitions of the Milan finish in six positions are in threat.

"This depends not only on us. We see just what is going to happen, "said Brocchi.

When in the end failed to occupy the sixth ladder standings, Milan must win the final of the Coppa Italy Juventus cons coming on May 21, as the terms of breakouts to the Europa League.

Samir Handanovic Was Afraid Of Losing The Champions League

Mampukah Milan overcoming Juventus, the team that has eroded them twice in Serie A this season? In a pair of encounters against Juventus in the Italian League, Il yield 0-1 and 1-2.


Beat the Serie A champions Juventus, 2015-2016, obviously not easy. However, Milan can now be more optimistic in the presence of back Giacomo Bonaventura M'Baye and Niang.

Both have already come into practice with the team on Monday (9/5/2015). They are both estimated to be able to enter you met with Milan kala squads Roma in Serie A and played as a starter in the final of the Coppa Italy versus Juventus.

The most important player called Bacca Milan thanks to 17 goals that have been packaged that Colombia striker in Serie a. However, Bacca could sharply due to the support of Bonaventure and Niang.

See how sharpness Bacca dropped dramatically after Niang had to go to space because of ankle injury therapy as of the end of February.

"Bacca and Niang had a good understanding, something that could not happen between the player with the Colombia striker Milan to another," wrote daily newspaperbased in the city of Turin, Tuttosport.

In the scheme of the two strikers, Niang is the most fit companion for Bacca. The attackers were able to hold France's origin as well as the mendribel of the ball so that the opposing Defender hooked back toward him.

Babysitting against Bacca became looser. Bonaventure? Same as Niang, she was sohooked past opponents.

In addition to the via dribel, Bonaventure was able to break the deadlock through three akuratnya. Its founders came the Atalanta this season Academy has already completed five assists make Bacca.

Samir Handanovic Was Afraid Of Losing The Champions League

Not just need help from Inter, Milan also need magic duo magnate dribel those, Bonaventure and Niang, so desperate to penetrate European club competition next season could continue to light up.

For fans of Inter Milan, whether you're watching Your favorite team's game vs. Empoli the past week? If the answer is Yes, you are lucky to get to watch the last game Samir Handanovic wrapped in uniform.

Author: Graceful Pratama

Does the DFL already Handa moved from Inter next season? Not necessarily. However, there are huge possibilities.

First, the player himself who doubted rebuilds strengthens The blue-black.

The biggest reason doubts the Slovenia men is the failure of the Inter get a ticket tothe Champions League next season.

Inter is indeed definitely back to feel the competition of European club with mentasin the Europa League next season.

Only, for the team competition, just great sementereng LC can be used as containers create actualize themselves. Without LC, Handanovic else considering his future.

"Will I survive on Inter? Who knew? You cannot say it is not possible in football. I have a contract, but you cannot tell how my future, "he said to Sky Italy.

Handa indeed recently extended the contract with Inter until June 2019. However, he clearly mentions wanting to feel her performing in the Champions League and was very disappointed with the nicks this season.