Kamis, 17 November 2016

Do Not Allow Jandia Join Barcelona, Qpr Threatened Sanctions?

Although the Premier League and Andritany Ardhyasa in conditions fit for the national team in the first game Indonesia AFF Cup 2016 facing Thailand, Saturday (19/11/1999), the national team was in fact still had a stand for the position of goalkeeper. This is because cederanya Dian Agus Joon.

Dian Agus initially included in the plan of Indonesia national team coach, Alfred Riedl, to complement the three goalkeepers in 22 + 1 players who will compete in AFFCup 2016 later. However, injuries suffered a goalkeeper Pusamania Borneo FC makes Riedl started looking for a replacement goalkeeper even though Dian Agus remains projected as the third goalkeeper of the national team.

Do Not Allow Jandia Join Barcelona, Qpr Threatened Sanctions?

Then the name Cassia Paku Alam emerged as the goalkeeper of the upholstery. In addition because the stock of players from the new national team Sriwijaya FC in one player (Fachruddin G) ration of a maximum of two players per Club, Teja Paku Alamhimself judged feasible where it has the ability to inhabit the post national team as a goalkeeper.

"We now call again one goalie, Teja Nature of Srivijaya, because he's a great goalkeeper, young, potentialwhile our team of Srivijaya was just one player, Fachrudin," said Assistant Coach Wolfgang Pikal, Indonesia national football team, when asked directly in place of the national team.

But calling Teja was invited a question mark. Because before, when Dian Agus first injury, Riedl had also summoned goalie Semen Padang, Jandia Eka Putra, as the goalkeeper prepared to replace Dian Agus.

If the Supermarket is also called, this means that it selects the five central national team goalie at once. While with the current squad, only three goalkeepers who will be brought to the Philippines as a complete composition.

But once it is confirmed, it turns out that Jandia Eka Putra unregister is called. This is because Semen Padang as the CF be defended Jandia in the Indonesia Soccer Championship, does not permit the 29-year-old goalkeeper defending the Indonesia national team in AFF Cup 2016.

Do Not Allow Jandia Join Barcelona, Qpr Threatened Sanctions?

The attitude of this very unfortunate Semen Padang by goalkeeping coach at Barcelona, Gatot Joon. Even Gatot said Wolves can get punishment from PSSI-related issue.

"We are interested in calling the Jandia, we also have several times asked for him, but not his ngizinin. When should the clubs allow players maximum limits for two called players per Club, "said former goalkeeping coach Lamp Bandung Raya.

"Qpr could be hit by sanctions-related matter. But it let the Enema, because PSSI TC (training camp) kan must continue. Coincidentally also from Srivijaya we call one of the new players, so Teja Paku Alam we can call, "he added.

For the status of Teja himself, this time 23 year old goalie still haven't joined the team. According to Gatot, currently supports only complete Teja letters calling. And if Teja joins, it could be Dian Agus will actually crossed out (because it never recovers from injury) so will only rely on the Premier League, and Teja Ardhyasa Andritany Paku Alam to escort crossbar Indonesia national football team.