Kamis, 24 November 2016

Admits PFL 2016: measuring the power Teams in the Futsal Match

There are different Pro League this year with a title in the previous year. On the titlethis year, Indonesia's highest competition entitled Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016 using the system degradation and promotion. The League last year to make 4 teams relegated to Liga Futsal Nusantara (LFN). The four teams that are Spirited Futsal Jakarta, Swap FC Jakarta, Bandung, and Trunajaya Brilyant Sport FC Almaty.

The vacuum slot 4 PFL 2016 were already filled by the team through 4 large or semi-final LFN 2016. Four teams include jawara LFN i.e. Mataram FC followed by Runner-up WPK MBU Makassar, as well as Black Steel of West Papua as the 3rd ranked andBJL 2000 Semarang ranked 4th.

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Outstanding appearance at the LFN make this promotion team bringing the aroma of the competition tight enough in the PFL 2016. Then if they could survive in the PFL 2016 that reportedly will be held next February? Let's measure their strength.

Admits PFL 2016: measuring the power Teams in the Futsal Match

Mataram FC (Mataram)
Mataram FC is one of the teams that perform consistently over the title of the LFN.Since the knockout stage, they appear as carefree and always all-out to grab the Championship title and promotion. The team are now shot on by coach medan FandyButar has a strong character, one of which the individual skill of the players who areabove average. Call it Samuel Amos who like danced above the field as the ball always has a magnet with his feet.

The majority of the squad coach Dede Sulaiman who brought a team of Mataram FC this promotion, seem to be maintained. If keeping a consistent performance, it is not impossible Arief Hagi cs can create a surprise in the PFL 2016. The presence of some experienced players like Vincent Valens (Swap FC), and Prahardian Pinsa (Trunajaya) will make the team more balanced.

WPK MBU (South Sulawesi)
The spirit of the area will become an important capital WPK MBU to be maximal in the PFL 2016. The game quickly with good mission as in the LFN 2016, would seem to be the mainstay weapon team brother of Pinky Boys Makassar.

Admits PFL 2016: measuring the power Teams in the Futsal Match

Grace uterus last year records debut alongside FC Pingdus Surabaya believed wouldhold the command of the game. Plays as Anchor that has good vision and experience to compete in the Pro League, will make Grace became one of the key players. Team Makassar has a style of play with the flow of the ball quickly, such as Pinky Boys.

In addition, some of the players have this Kurniawan Arif's character is simple and ingenious. Capabilities such as Hendra Kurniawan and M for example. They have the passing and control that qualified.

But kids need to restrain his ego Makassar as young players. The final event on LFNshould not happen again. Due to the high emotions, young players often loses concentration. It should be an important evaluation of the material in the body of the WPK MBU.